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Medical comms industry increasingly favouring 'hybrid' events

More and more groups belonging to the medical communications industry are opting for ‘hybrid’ events over traditional-style meetings and conferences, according to new research.

According to, event production specialist AVT Connect surveyed a cross section of major MedComms companies to find that 90 per cent would look to promote the benefits of hybrid gatherings. These included greater interactivity and extended reach to a wider audience.

As reported by, hybrid events are tradeshows, conferences or workshops that combine “live” in-person elements with online technology, which is commonly used to help attendees interact with speakers.

Indeed, a recent hybrid event from AVT saw delegates communicating with speakers and each other through iPads.

The research also found that 56 per cent had attended an event of this type, while 54 per cent believed their clients were warming to the idea of using hybrid techniques at event venues.  

AVT Connect CEO Jon Fox says part of the reason for a rise in interest for hybrid gatherings can be owed to the sheer popularity of smart devices and apps.

“I believe it is changing the shape of the traditional meeting format by offering an alternative that uses technology to unlock a huge layer of hidden value,” he added.