Meeting experts discuss how to improve effectiveness

An article by has congregated some of the best meeting industry experts in order to advise how to make meetings more enjoyable and more effective.

US-based expert Charlie Gilkey believes that a lively and enjoyable meeting can also increase how effective it is. Gilkey highlights a number of tips that can help: always having a clear, broadly-communicated goal, limiting who attends, completing research before a meeting and starting/ending the meeting on time.

“If you do those four things, you’ll already be well ahead of the game on the lively and enjoyable dimension because you’ll have thwarted many of the things that make meetings miserable,” he said.

“To make it even more lively and enjoyable, pull the socialite of your group into the planning process and give her/him the responsibility for planning the environment, activities and/or theme.”

When booking meeting venues, it’s also important to get the timeframe correct claims Brent Beshore, CEO of AdVentures. They should always have a clear purpose and everyone should know that time is of the essence, cites

One tip that could be used is placing an egg timer on the middle of the table in order to remind everyone to ‘get to the point’. In addition, leaders should try holding standing meetings as people ‘tend not to pontificate’ while they’re standing.