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Meetings can be enjoyable, claims expert

Meetings in corporate venues can be an enjoyable process if leaders and staff follow a number of tips highlighted by an expert in the matter.

Lisa Swan, writing for, believes that meetings, while a ‘necessary evil’, can actually be very informative and even fun if conducted in the correct way.

By coming up with a strategic agenda for a meeting, attendees will appreciate the content and the speeches much more than ‘if you ramble and stumble instead of staying on schedule’, according to Swan.

“Distribute the agenda before the meeting, and estimate how long you think each agenda item will take,” she writes. “Use a stopwatch (there are many such apps available on your smartphone) to keep track of the time. It shows respect for your audience.”

Rich Gee, another expert writing for, agrees that preparation is key – even if that preparation is only five minutes in length.

In addition, it also helps to speak in a compelling, informative manner. This way, speakers can avoid sending their attendees to sleep through a dull drone that insults both the speaker and the staff.

Furthermore, regulation of crosstalk and comments is integral, she advises.

“All such chatter will do is bore others not involved, and extend the time spent in the meeting. Kindly make sure that the meeting does not get mired in nonsense talk.”