Meetings can enhance business relationships, says expert

Holding a businesses meeting can not only bridge geography but cement relationships between internal employees and outside business relationships.

That’s according to James Campanini, the managing director for Cisco WebEx, who noted that hiring out corporate venues to hold business meetings is “a big part of the fabric of our working lives.”

Campanini, writing for IT Pro Portal, stated firms who convene with employees about the company’s future or possible prospects are the firms that “survive and prosper” as it is a “proven way to bond [with] workers and bring them together.”

Holding business meetings is the perfect way to speak face-to-face with senior management or ground-level employees in order to achieve that vision.

In addition, employees are at their most productive when they engage with the brand, says Campanini.

He wrote: “The emotional association that comes from being involved in their work and their company’s mission result in a commitment that makes the workforce more dedicated to their jobs.”

According to You At Work, another way to engage with the brand is through flexible working – like working at home or allowing the employee to choose their hours. This ensures “lower stress levels”, giving employees the chance to concentrate fully on engagement.