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Meetings need to be an investment 'delivering a return'

An expert has highlighted three key reasons why meetings may not be as fulfilling as first thought and what leaders can do to deliver a great return.

Erika Andersen, writing for, believes leaders need to think of meetings as a major investment that needs to deliver a great return for the company in question.

An example of a bad meeting is when most of the people in a boardroom, conference space or other venue are sitting there wondering what the meeting has to do with them.

“Poor meetings are generally either somebody talking and everyone else is pretending to listen, or a conversation that only involves a couple of people,” writes Andersen, cited by

“Only focus on those topics that are important and useful to all or most of the people in the meeting, and have the ‘owner’ of a topic (the person responsible for making something happen) run the part of the meeting where that topic is being covered.”

Furthermore, Andersen believes that everyone in the meeting should know the purpose of the event, as well as what needs to be achieved and what is expected from the participants. In addition, post-meeting action is just as important as the actual meeting itself.

“Even if you have a good meeting, one that feels focused and productive, if nothing happens afterwards…it’s still a bad meeting,” added Andersen.