Meetings need to have an agenda, claims expert

Meetings without an agenda have been deemed ‘useless’ by a business expert writing for

Avi Kaye, an employee of MeetingKing, believes agenda-less meetings leave the organiser’s time wasted. Attendees’ time is wasted too and everyone can end up feeling they’ve accomplished nothing from the event. 

However, when a less experienced meeting organiser is attempting to run a meeting, other members of the team shouldn’t just “grind [their] teeth through twenty minutes of pointless chit chat.”

Helping the organiser could be the answer, according to Kaye – which could comprise talking to him or her and understanding the goal of the meeting. It’s also important to reaffirm that a meeting without an agenda is like “shopping without a list.

“At the very least,” he said,” they should have some idea of what the meeting will be about, and send it in advance, so that the other meeting participants can come with a bit of background preparation.”

However, if the meeting organiser fails to come up with a goal for business, it would be best if someone else in the meeting comes up with their own agenda.

“Be diplomatic about it, but when the meeting starts, steer the discussions into the direction of your own agenda,” he added, cites “As the meeting will be directionless, people will probably welcome some sort of structure in the meeting, and at least you’ll be able to get some work done.”