Melvin Benn believes event venues can prosper post-Olympics

A leading festival organiser believes the UK events industry will continue to prosper even after the 2012 Olympic Games has finished, reports Event Industry News.

Speaking at a seminar for the National Outdoor Event Association, managing director of Festival Republic Melvin Benn believes that the 2012 games will be a “massive, massive positive” for the events industry.

According to Benn, event spaces in London can use the Olympics as a springboard to “expand and develop” in the future. In addition, learning lessons from the Olympics gives event venues the foresight to hone future opportunities.

Furthermore, event venues need to always be learning, adapting and developing their own offering in order to attract customers, he added.

A question from the floor suggested whether the UK may suffer from a post-games ‘hangover’ – something which Benn suggests won’t happen. He believes the Paralympics, likely to be the largest of its kind, will “effectively take the games right up until September”, at which point the football season kicks off.

As a result, the UK’s ‘hangover’ will be short-lived.

However, some events have been hindered because of the Olympics. According to Benn, Glastonbury had to take an off year – which has been confirmed by – because Avon and Somerset Police could not spare the officers due to them having to protect the USA Olympic team, which is staying close by.