Men more willing to splash the cash on wedding

Men are almost twice as likely as women to want a ‘fairytale’ wedding, according to a new poll.

A survey conducted by Barclays Bank has suggested that 16 per cent of grooms would be happy to splash most of their savings on a huge party at a glamorous wedding reception venue. However, only nine per cent of women would be willing to do the same.

This goes against the stereotypical image of the bride who has been planning her wedding since childhood and the groom not wanting to make a fuss.

In a further break from tradition, 13 per cent of those questioned predicted they would ask guests to contribute towards the cost of a wedding, instead of bringing gifts. According to, this practice has been dubbed ‘pre-gifting’.

Attempting to explain this bizarre trend, Barclays head of mortgages Loaiseach Lynch claimed that many couples were now more concerned about getting on the property market – cash gifts from loved ones are used to pay for the wedding, allowing couples to focus on saving for a house.

She told “With the average home deposit costing in the region of £16,000, it’s not surprising that couples are having to think twice about the dilemma of tying the knot and buying a property – but with a little lateral thinking and some sensible saving and budgeting they are finding increasingly savvy ways to have their wedding cake and eat it.”