Men most likely to snog boss at Christmas party

Christmas party nights are frequently as source of embarrassment for some, but men are most likely to get themselves into an awkward position with the boss, according to new research.

Zoosk, the social dating network, discovered that over half of men (52 per cent) have no qualms about getting into a romantic clinch with the boss and returning to work completely unphased by their actions, reports Female First.

Women on the other hand are more likely to reach for the nearest job advertisement, as 45 per cent admit they would rather get a new job than face the embarrassment of a going back to work after a Christmas kiss with management. Just one in five men (18 per cent) on the other hand would do the same.

Female office workers have already worked out how they plan to keep their male counterparts heightened emotions at bay too. This year 68 per cent of British women will be taking their significant other with them to the work party, even if 40 per cent admit they’re most keen on getting drunk when they’re there.

“We all know that work place Christmas parties are a time to let your hair down and celebrate the impending holiday, but it appears British men are more relaxed than most when it comes to their festive office antics,” said Jane Barrett, Zoosk’s international marketing director.

“Interestingly the Zoosk survey shows that British ladies don’t want to be embarrassed and would rather walk away from a job than have a red-faced New Year,” she added.

Psychologist and careers expert Meredith Fuller told that employees should be reminded that just because a party takes place outside of an office, it doesn’t mean it is out of bounds for good behaviour.

“Legally if your company puts on a Christmas party, it is considered a workplace,” warned Fletcher. “This is not the place to be jumping up and down on the table and have everyone hear what you’re shouting.”