Men see marriage as 'best kind of relationship'

Over half (56 per cent) of males see marriage as the ‘best kind of relationship’, according to an annual study by Girl Guiding UK reported by

The opinions of more than 1,000 girls/young women aged seven to 21, as well as a smaller panel of boys, were taken into account. The study also found that almost half of males feel married couples make better parents.

However, instead of the traditional viewpoint of females finding the idea of marriage essential, under half of the girls surveyed see marriage as the ‘best kind of relationship’, with a small minority saying they view finding a husband as the mark of success.

On the other hand, less than a third of girls believe that married couples make better parents than unmarried couples, meaning marriage is still on the mind for potential parents, reports.

As a result, walking down the aisle and heading to a post-ceremony wedding reception venue is still on the cards for many girls and boys – especially those who view the event as the catalyst for being a capable parent.

Gill Slocombe, the Chief Guide, commented on the survey: “Young women today have strong opinions, and some of these are very different from the boys. Girls still value family and marriage but they clearly do not see this as the absolute definition of success.”