Men spend hundreds on looking good for their wedding, reveals survey

Teeth whitening, waxing and liposuction are just some of the beauty fixes that grooms are splashing out on before their special day, reports

Research by menswear retailer Jacamo suggests that a mere shave and haircut is not enough for some grooms as men go the extra mile to look stunning as they strut into their wedding reception venue.

Around £300 is the average spent on beauty fixes and treatments, with one in ten spending £800 and almost one in 20 spending an impressive £1,000 on their grooming bill.

Other figures show that 23 per cent of men get their teeth whitened, while 16 per cent top up their tan for the big day. Another 49 per cent spend their cash on a haircut, while 37 per cent get a professional razor shave done. Some 11 per cent of men go for a wax and six per cent even go under the knife for lipo or nose jobs, according

Martin Roberts, a spokesman for Jacamo, commented on the figures: “A wedding is a special occasion and it seems that more and more grooms want to push the boat out and treat themselves to make sure they look and feel their best on the big day.

“The findings demonstrate how taking pride in your appearance is becoming just as important for men as for women. It’s no longer embarrassing or unusual for men to spend time and money on grooming, great clothes or pampering treatments,” he added.