Met warning on 2012 small celebrations

The Met’s Assistant Commissioner has warned that venues for hire could be at risk during last-minute celebrations of the 2012 London Olympics.

Event Industry News reports that Chris Allison, the Assistant Commissioner for the Metropolitan Police, has raised concerns over how the security needs of bigger celebrations and events will affect smaller party venues. London is likely to see hundreds of small-scale events organised at short notice says Allison, and with the emergency services stretched by celebrations across the city organisers will need to be alert.

Mr Allison’s warning comes as the Greater London Authority draws up plans for managing the 2012 Olympics and the surrounding cultural and celebratory events. Already detailed plans have emerged for everything from the deployment of officers to the number and allocation of safety barriers throughout the nation’s capital.

“It is important for the Greater London Authority to get people to sign up to say they are not going to do something last-minute because that could be dangerous,” said Allison, speaking to the London Assembly’s Health and Public Services Committee. “[Event organisers] need to see that there will be a challenge for us in 2012 and need to self-regulate.”