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Michel Roux Jnr praises London's food

Celebrity chef Michel Roux Jnr has hailed London as being one of the world’s food capitals, localuknews.co.uk reports.

The Michelin-starred chef, who shot to fame as the mild-mannered judge of BBC series ‘Masterchef’, has praised British cooking and even gone so far as to claim London can rival the likes of Paris, New York and Tokyo as a “food destination”.

Comparing the London of today with how it was 20 years ago, Roux Jnr claimed the two are unrecognisable from one another, thanks to the influx of ethnic dining which has attracted some of the world’s best chefs to the city’s restaurants, hotels and function venues.

He also claimed that this luxury did not come at a premium, as it does in many other food havens, with prices being “reasonable” across the capital.

This was especially true, he claimed, of curries. Risking the wrath of countrymen from his native France, Roux Jnr claimed that – for all its reputation – there is no way of getting a good curry in Paris. Conversely, it’s not only easy to get one in London, but the price would be reasonable was well.

“For me, London is one of the great food capitals and you can out it on a par with Paris, New York, Tokyo…” he told standard.co.uk. “That’s the great difference, London has become a food destination. People will come from all over the world to eat.”