Mobile apps can benefit both event organisers and attendees, expert claims

Web apps for smartphones and other mobile devices can improve the experience of event attendees and generate new forms of revenue for event organisers, according to an industry expert.

Andrew Cowlishaw, managing director of Live Apps, told Event Industry News that with over a quarter of the UK population now using mobile devices to access online data, there has never been a better time for event organisers to embrace new mobile technology.

While Cowlishaw admits to having a ‘vested interest’ in promoting the use of web apps, he firmly believes that apps can improve users’ enjoyment of events and promote interaction with event organisers.

Apps specifically designed for the events industry can help engage users weeks before an event, and provide them with useful information about event venues, talks and seminars and other related activities.

Cowlishaw adds that events industry apps can also provide organisers and promoters with an additional form of revenue through sponsorships, advertising and special offers contained within.

“Mobiles can perform and help promoters in many ways; it increases the interaction between an event and its audience, before, during and after the event,” Cowlishaw told Event Industry News.

“It can also deliver new revenues, decrease overall marketing costs and not forgetting, enhance the visitors’ experience at the event. A mobile is an extremely personal device that people have with them at all times. If you want customers to have access to your information, even when they’re out and about – use mobile,” Cowlishaw added.