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'Momzillas' exist too, says wedding planner

A wedding planner has talked about about her first experience of a ‘momzilla’ – a mother-of-the-bride (MoB) who takes over on a couple’s wedding day.

Sandy Malone explained in her huffingtonpost.com blog that she felt compelled to warn other brides and grooms about the phenomenon, since they could put a damper on any wedding.

The momzilla she encountered was bossing the photographer around and her meddling did not stop at the wedding reception venue, where the MoB put on a CD of “god-awful” music without the consent of the couple.

Offering advice to other engaged engaged couples, Ms Malone said: “With all due respect to the MoB – after all, she put the bride on this Earth – your wedding day is not her day. It is your day and it is about you and your future spouse, and nobody else.”

However, while it is important to keep mothers from dominating marriage decisions, the bride and groom may wish to take their parents’ health into consideration when choosing the venue, as one couple showed this week.

According to leighreporter.co.uk, Ruth Foulkes and Barry Woods were considering places all over the world before deciding that they would have it close to 83-year-old MoB Kathleen Foulkes’ house to be sure she could attend. The bride said her mother’s mobility “isn’t what it used to be”, so having the ceremony nearby made sense.