Money goes further than gifts at a wedding, claims experts

Giving gifts to the happy couple at a wedding appears to be old hat as a monetary present seems to be the way forward, reports

Lynne Bothamley, co-owner of gift service, suggests that there is a growing trend in couples asking for financial contributions towards a honeymoon or one big item, rather than lots of little gifts.

Furthermore, contributing to an exotic honeymoon is meant to have better value as a gift, as sterling often goes a lot further in other countries.

However, guests from the South West who head to the wedding reception venue tend to spend a below-average £38.71 on a wedding gift, while the actual national average hits around £51.01. The reason for paying a lower price for the bride and groom could be down to the estimated outlay for attending a wedding as a guest reaching a potential £811.02.

Statistics reveal the price for accommodation, travel, gifts, outfits and stag/hen parties continues to extract money from wallets. As a result, each invite can cost us between £504.01 and £811.02.

Speaking to, wedding planner Ruth Hunter stated: “The major costs incurred by guests are accommodation, travel, outfits and gifts. Go online to find the best rates for accommodation, don’t just assume the list included with your invitation has all of the best rates available.”