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More brides making wedding speeches

More brides are breaking tradition and making speeches on their wedding day, according to a report from

A number of sources, including wedding photographers and masters of ceremonies, have been quoted as saying they have noticed this trend in recent years.

It was suggested that this could be due to more women getting married at an older age, where they are less likely to be fazed by public speaking.

Alternatively, it could be linked to a general decline in traditional weddings. Either way, it appears that brides are now more than welcome to make a public speech at their wedding reception venue.

Commenting on the trend, The Independent’s deputy arts editor Alice Jones claimed there was no reason why more brides shouldn’t be able to do a speech on their big day.

“They have probably planned most of the day and paid for half of it. At the very least, they might have some thanks to give. As for the guests, having spent the best part of an hour hearing about how wonderful she is, it’s not unreasonable to imagine that they might like to hear from the woman herself,” she said.

Traditionally, it’s only the groom, best man and father-of-the-bride who perform wedding speeches.