More brides opting for second-hand dresses

Brides-to-be are increasingly choosing second-hand wedding dresses over brand new alternatives, according to

The trend is said to be on the rise especially among those who want to wear a designer label, due to the fact that they are sometimes able to save around half of the original price for a pre-loved dress. Most of the dresses have only been worn once or in some cases, not at all, which means that brides are getting a bargain.

The article reads: “Many are sold because the one-time dream dress is wasting space, the blushing bride is now a mortgage-stressed mother or the fairytale has come to an untimely end. Some have never even been worn – souvenirs of bad choices and broken hearts.”

Sydney-based bridal boutique owner, Melanie Bowman claims that brides will sell their dress for all kind of reasons, hence there’s a wide variety of choice. These reasons include the wedding being called off, indecision when it comes to dresses and even because their husband-to-be saw the gown.

Brides are also reportedly becoming much more experimental when it comes to their wedding dress. Jennifer Garland, of David’s Bridal, California, told that many women are opting for short skirts and tea-length dresses, instead of conventional floor-length frocks.