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More bus travel conducted in London than rest of the country

London is officially the busiest city in England for bus travel, according to new figures.

New research from the Department for Transport shows that out of the 4.6 billion bus journeys that were made around the country between 2012-2013, well over half (2.4 billion) were made within the capital.

Transport officials have attributed this to generous public funding, a coherent set of regulations for travel providers as well as a high demand for services.

London’s transport network is undoubtedly one of the strongest in the Britain and helps local residents as well as business travellers, possible on their way to corporate venues, get around the city with ease. says bus travel as a whole declined by 1.4 per cent over the year, a loss of 70 million journeys, although the drop is 2.5 per cent when London is stripped out of the frame.

Brushing aside the fact that bus travel is booming in London, Martin Abrams from the Campaign for Better Transport believes the figures are indicative of government cuts to support for buses.

He said: “Year on year, we are seeing higher fares and fewer services. This is a false economy, preventing people from taking up job opportunities and hitting the poorest in society with massive hikes in travel costs.”