More businesses book corporate Christmas parties this winter

There has been a boost in the number of corporate Christmas parties being booked this year, with one event organiser reporting a 30 per cent increase when compared with last year.

Bookings for mixed group nights have also grown by a quarter, with smaller companies opting to book events alongside other companies to celebrate the end of a difficult year.

“Although companies are continuing to keep a watchful eye on expenditure, the importance of rewarding staff for their hard work and loyalty through a Christmas party is recognised as integral in boosting team morale,” explained Tim Stevens, managing director of the events company to CIT Magazine.

Mr Stevens added: “With recent economic growth figures exceeding expectation, companies are seeing the need for building relationships and creating a sense of community internally, where staff at all levels can come together.”

The benefit of having corporate Christmas parties outside of the office is that they’re much less hassle to organise, because it’s done by the venue for you. If the right event venue is chosen, the imagination of the party planners and their resources will transform the venue into a Christmas wonderland much more effectively than pushing the photocopier aside, pulling the desks to the edge of the room and putting up the odd banner.

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