More couples choosing Friday weddings

More and more British couples are getting married during the week, a study has found.

The Office of National Statistics has found that 40 per cent of couples were shunning the traditional Saturday wedding for a week day affair, with 19 per cent choosing Friday, followed by 6 per cent opting for Sunday and 5 per cent wanting Thursday.

It’s little wonder that week day weddings are being favoured by cash-strapped couples, the average wedding costs £24,699 according to Brides Magazine. Editor, Arabella Dupont told BBC News: “It’s easy to see why people are looking for savings. It’s a definite trend.”

Opting for a Monday or Tuesday wedding can result in savings of up to 40 per cent on the wedding reception venue, plus there’s a greater chance of availability, particularly for those who want to marry “in short notice.”

Savings and availability aside, holding a wedding on a week day does throw up the “thorny” issue of expecting guests to take a day off work to attend.

Ms Dupont admits she would only take time off work if it was for a very close friend, hence choosing week days “work best for smaller, more intimate weddings.”

That being said, Ms Dupont continues, it is hoped that “your nearest and dearest will be just as excited about your wedding on a Tuesday as on a Saturday.”