More couples opt for midweek weddings

An increasing number of couples are deciding to stage their weddings in the middle of the week rather than on the conventional days of Saturday and Sunday.

A survey of 500 brides from wedding stationary provider Paper Themes discovered that 67 per cent of all weddings are held on the weekend, with 15 per cent of couples marrying on Friday.

These figures are thought to be lower than the ones seen in previous studies – a decline which could be down to more couples looking to save money on their big days.

According to reporter Tom de Castella, rates for everything from event venues to weddings bands are generally cheaper in midweek. Couples like to book their weddings at the weekend so they know their friends and family can attend but actually being able to afford the event is of far more importance.

A spokesman for Paper Themes said: “Wedding venues tend to be cheaper to hire throughout the week with many actually offering incentives to those open to a midweek wedding.”

As reported by, the average budget for a wedding tends to be capped at £10,000 and only one in three couples exceed this limit.

“It suggests that the midweek wedding is here to say, with popularity continuing,” added the spokesman.