More couples opting to feature trees in their wedding ceremony

Despite it being two months since the Royal Wedding, couples are still trying to emulate the style Will and Kate’s nuptials.

Following Kate Middleton’s choice to line the central passageway of Westminster Abbey with trees (hornbeams and field maple to be precise), more brides are opting to do the same.

This has seen them fill their wedding reception venue with trees in addition to the traditional bouquets of flowers.

Unsurprisingly, the trend is taking off more in the cities than in the countryside, with inner-city venues in London, Manchester and Birmingham – among others – seeing a rise in requests to incorporate trees into the wedding decorations.

Writing in The Telegraph, landscape artist Bunny Guinness said of the trend: “You can be flexible with your line up of possibilities due to the seasons.

“Sourcing trees is fairly easy [but] because transport is a major cost, it can make sense to go local. And, of course, instead of wilting blooms, at the end you have wonderful trees ready to take hold and transform another space for a far longer time span.”

The trend is also reaching America, as Candice Crawford – former Miss Missouri and sister of Gossip Girl’s Chace Crawford – married NFL star Tony Romo in a ceremony which reported as featuring “strands of white lights [that] were wrapped around several trees.”

The popularity of the Royal family both here and abroad could mean that this feature is one that stays popular for years to come.