More extensive St Andrew's Day celebrations mooted

There may soon be more elaborate and widespread celebrations of St Andrew’s Day if a new campaign succeeds.

Press Association reported that former MSP Dennis Canavan wants a “fuller recognition” of the holiday around November 30th each year, allowing Scots to celebrate the country’s patron saint at home or at event spaces all over Britain.

Mr Canavan, who introduced a successful bill four years ago to make the day a national holiday, has support from a number of organisations and famous faces, but he does not feel politicians have done enough yet.

The 69-year-old wants all parties in the Scottish parliament to sign a statement that reads: “We support the St Andrew’s Day Campaign Committee in their efforts to increase the celebration of St Andrew’s Day, including wider recognition of a holiday on or around November 30th so that St Andrew’s Day really becomes a day of national celebration for the people of Scotland.”

In a letter to, Mr Canavan pointed out that many people were able to enjoy a day off for St Andrew’s Day in 2010 because of heavy snow and may do so again this year due to industrial action in the country.

But he suggested Scotland should not have to rely on this type of coincidental activity to give the nation a chance to celebrate the day.