More runways needed in the South East to keep up with demand, says Sir Howard Davies

The head of the Airports Commission, Sir Howard Davies, has said more runways in the South East are needed if the region is to keep up with increasing demand.

According to, the Airports Commission is currently working on a report which will list its recommended expansion options. The report will be finished before the end of the year but the final recommendation will not be revealed until 2015, after the next general election.

The conclusion so far is that more runways are needed and Sir Davies explains that continuing to use the current number of runways available would not be a good idea.

“To rely only on runways currently in operation would be likely to produce a distinctly sub-optimal solution for passengers, connectivity and the economy and would also almost certainly not be the best solution in terms of minimising the overall carbon impact of flights and travel to and from airports,” he said.

Over 50 major organisations, individuals and companies have already submitted their ideas as to where expansions should take place. Suggestions include all the major London airports: Heathrow, Stansted and Gatwick.

This could mean Heathrow airport may receive a third runway, a plan which was approved by the last government but then scrapped by the coalition government in 2010, reports