More support voiced for APD overhaul

Recent cuts to air passenger duty (APD) could provide a shot in the arm for Britain’s inbound business travel sector, reports.

With the dust now having settled on chancellor George Osborne’s latest Budget, analysts have been able to digest its numerous tweaks and changes. Among them was a proposed cut of APD of around £14 per person for anyone travelling between 4,001 and 6,000 miles. Anyone travelling 6,001 or more miles, meanwhile, could see per-person savings of around £26.

On top of this, those who make the journey in premium economy, business class or first class could save twice as much.

Whilst seeming to be relatively low totals, analysts have now claimed this could provide a sizeable boost for Britain’s business travel industry, with it providing a much greater incentive for overseas workers to make the journey. It would also bring Britain’s APD costs down to more familiar levels, as they are currently the most expensive anywhere on earth.

Among those giving Osborne’s announcement a cautious welcome was CEO of event management firm RPMC, Stephen Hall, who claimed it was likely to incentivise travellers, or at very least wouldn’t prove a disincentive.

“It certainly won’t do any harm,” he told “RPMC are always looking at ways to increase the options for an incentive trip and any cost savings can help us deliver a more exciting end product for our clients.”