More than a fifth of brides would ask guests to pay towards their wedding

In order to fund their expensive big day, some 22 per cent of brides would be happy to ask their guests for a contribution towards the overall cost, a new survey by Country Baskets has found.   

The average wedding costs around £18,000, and many people struggle to find enough money to pay for their big day. Around 46 per cent of Brits say the most stressful part of planning a wedding is the budgeting and financial issues, reports Moreover, 60 per cent of couples only end up forking out less than £5,000 of their own money on their wedding day.  

Laura Strutt, author of DIY Wedding Manual, notes that it’s okay to ask friends for contributions towards the big day, but they may not be strictly financial. For example, the bride’s sister may be able to make the wedding cake and musical friends could become the wedding band, reports   

Brides themselves are willing to cut down their budget in order to save themselves money though, as the Country Baskets study showed some 67 per cent of people only spend £500 or less on their wedding dress. A quarter of couples have also missed out on having a honeymoon as a result of cost-cutting.   

Paul Crier, commercial director at Country Baskets, said the research reveals that couples are trying to be careful about how much they spend on their big day. 

“With 60 per cent of the couples that we spoke to already living together before they get wed, the need for typical wedding gift lists is on the decline,” he explained. “This new ‘guest-funded’ approach is a unique way of getting family and guests involved in your day, whilst ensuring you get the dream day you’ve always wanted.”