Moss to design her wedding dress

Since the announcement of Kate Moss’ engagement to musician Jamie Hince, rumours have been circulating over the details of the model’s big day.

The latest is that Moss will set about designing and creating her own wedding dress – a rumour fuelled by Moss’ close friend and famed fashion designer, Vivienne Westwood.

When asked by The Daily Mail if she had been approached to design the gown, she said: “No, I think she’s designing it herself. She has done her own fashion range and she knows about clothes.”

“She knows what she is doing, she doesn’t need my help…” the designer added, making reference to Moss’ many design collections, which were carried by Topshop and Longchamp, the French label.

According to The Independent, the big day is set to take place on July 2nd, however details such as the wedding reception venue, guests and decor have been kept under wraps.

Other sources have suggested that Moss’ big day will be designed by British artist, Tracy Emin, who is rumoured to have been tasked with putting her “unusual artistic stamp all over the wedding – with no holds barred.”

“She’s [Moss] given Tracey permission to put her artwork up wherever she sees fit. So let’s hope the guests are watching the bride rather than some of the limelight-stealing pieces that will be displayed,” a source told Unreality Shout.

“Tracey has so far been working in sculpture of the happy couple in preparation for the ceremony. She is hoping they could become like a sequel to ‘My Bed’.”