MPI urges participation in UK Economic Impact Study

Event industry professionals are being urged to participate in the latest UK Economic Impact Study, which aims to establish the true value of their business.

Michael Hirst, chairman of the Business Visits & Events Partnership, recently announced the study at a Britain for Events conference – informing attendees that the size, value and economic importance of the industry would be assessed.

The research has been commissioned by the MPI foundation (Meeting Professionals International), whose members are attempting to conjure up an immediate response in order to make their initiative a success.

In a bid to increase participation, cited by, MPI chapter president Samme Allen claimed the results would be used to lobby the government and “make waves” in UK boardrooms, which may well place event spaces and planners at the centre of the UK’s commercial landscape.

Ms Allen added: “This is without doubt the most important research ever to undertaken within the sector and I implore everyone involved in the industry to respond.

“Quite simply: the more data we collect, the more credible the results – and the more credible the results, the more they will do for our industry.”    

Dr Shina Li of the International Centre of Research in Events, Tourism and Hospitality at Leeds Metropolitan University, who will carry out the study, echoed Ms Allen’s statement. Dr Li told that the more response garnered from organisers, venues, destination management organisations, delegates and exhibitors, the more powerful the data would be.