Music a key driver of domestic tourism in UK

Event planners have been informed that music is one of the biggest drivers of domestic tourism in Britain, reports

Conducted by VisitBritain and UK Music, The Wish You Were Here report discovered that 6.5 million Brits travelled across the nation to attend gigs and concerts in 2012.

They spent a total of £2.2 billion on their travels, with most of the money going on tickets, transport and accommodation.

VisitBritain said the average concert attendee will spend £602 on seeing their favourite act, while festival-goers will part with £910 over an average weekend. Both figures are higher than the £602 UK tourists typically spend on a trip, highlighting just how important music is to the hospitality industry.

As the group previously revealed, music also has a role in enticing international visitors. According to, in 2012, tourists were encouraged to holiday in the UK by the nation’s Grammy and BRIT Award-winning artists.  

The most recent report called on towns and cities to act upon the findings by promoting their own music heritage, similar to the way Liverpool promotes its connection with The Beatles.

Sandie Dawe, the group’s chief executive, said the report confirms the “significant” appeal that music has on Brits and could shape VisitBritain’s future endeavours.

“This will act as a catalyst for us all to ramp up our activity and forge better relationships with festival organisers, promoters, venues and producers to raise awareness of our amazing music scene across the world,” she added.