Naomi Campbell drops big hint that she's engaged

British supermodel Naomi Campbell has hinted that she could be getting married to long-term boyfriend Vladislav Doronin.

Campbell – known as much for her modelling as for her fiery temper – has been with Russian billionaire Doronin since 2008 and during a recent holiday in Greece the couple hinted that they were making preparations to be married.

Reports suggest that whilst on holiday, Campbell and Doronin set of £50,000 worth of fireworks in 20 minutes. Campbell then told amassed guests that it was time to celebrate “their little secret.”

With the news spreading fast, many are wondering where the event will take place, whether Campbell will demand a lavish wedding reception venue in London or whether Doronin will want the service a little closer to his home in Russia.

One such source who saw the events unfold told “She was brimming with excitement and hinted they were engaged.

“She was telling guests it was time to celebrate ‘their little secret’. Naomi had the most incredible ring on. Everyone was commenting on how genuinely excited she seemed.”

Adding, a second source told the Daily Star of the celebrations: “She said they were celebrating something.

“People came out of the hotels all around the bay and up the mountain to watch. It was the most incredible display I’ve ever seen.”