Nearly three quarters of brides still plan to take their partner's name

Modern brides may be throwing a lot of traditions out of the window, but 71 per cent are still going to take their partner’s name when they tie the knot, a new survey from David’s Bridal reveals.

Even though modern brides are breaking with many taboos, some of them – such as their married name – are holding fast. As such, just 17 per cent of engaged ladies will be opting for a double-barrelled surname.

Elsewhere, according to, 82 per cent believe it’s okay to live together before the big day and 56 per cent think buying a home is fine too. In addition, 45 per cent don’t mind sharing a bank account before getting married.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, sex before marriage isn’t seen as a taboo by 72 per cent of brides, whilst 38 per cent even believe that having children is fine as well. In fact, 93 per cent think that most things once considered wrong are now more acceptable in modern society, reports

More than half of brides on a budget are fine with cutting costs when it comes to the wedding planner, venue and décor. However, alcohol is the least likely part of a wedding to be affected by budget cuts, which could explain why 52 per cent of ladies say that some guests got together during their big day.