New conference intelligence system launched

A new audience monitoring system looks set to glean valuable market intelligence from conference centre delegates.

Group Dynamics, creators of a variety of audience response systems, says that its new contactless Smart Badge system will be able to monitor which presentations or workshops attendees visit. This information can later be used by analysts to track trends based on a given type of visitor.

Just like the traditional identification badges present at most conference centres, Smart Badges display delegate identity information such as logos and names, reports

However, they also contain RFID circuits (radio frequency identification), which can store additional information such as demographic data, access and voting rights. All such data is digitally encrypted for security purposes.

As each Smart Badge is unique, it could be used as an electronic ticket; for example “to allow delegates to enjoy a certain number of concessions.” All delegates have to do is swipe their card on a reader upon entry to each part of the conference.

In one recent five-day event, organisers were able to identify which sessions were visited by particular guests – all of whom had a different package deal – and find out which sessions were popular with which level of package purchased.

The technology could be applied to other events where guests have different levels of access, explained

“Data stored on the badges can allow access to special VIP events,” it said. “However since there is no need to place a visible mark on the card to show eligibility for the event, delegates would not know by looking at each other who was eligible and who was not.”