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New cycling network could help commuters

The Mayor of London Boris Johnson has announced nearly £1 billion worth of investment into a new project which intends to create a Dutch-style cycling route through the capital.

The route, which will run for more than 15 miles, has been dubbed ‘Crossrail for the bike’ and could help those constantly travelling to and from event venues in London, especially when it comes to reducing carbon emissions, for instance.

It is thought the new route will run for more than 15 miles from the western suburbs ‘through the heart of London to Canary Wharf and Barking’.

Overall, it is believed to be the longest ‘substantially-segregated’ cycle route of any city in Europe and will become the ‘ultimate symbol’ of how Johnson is claiming central London as turf for the bike, reports

Johnson commented on the scheme: “The reason I am spending almost £1 billion on this is my belief that helping cycling will not just help cyclists. It will create better places for everyone. It means less traffic, more trees, more places to sit and eat a sandwich.

“It means more seats on the Tube, less competition for a park place and fewer cars in front of yours at the lights. Above all, it will fulfil my aim of making London’s air cleaner,” he added.