New events competencies for a new generation

New competency standards launched by Meeting Professionals International (MPI) will shape the professional development of the next generation of event planners, CIT Magazine reports.

The 87-page Meeting and Business Events Competency Standards (MBECS) covers a wide framework; from strategic planning and event design to stakeholder management and communication.

The MBECS will be of extraordinary value to those currently studying events management; people who could one day end up owning their own meeting venues, said the MPI president.

“By using the MBECS as a field guide to success, professionals in any role and at any stage of their career can now follow a reliable path to career advancement by developing key skills and mastering competencies that will get them to the next level,” said Bruce MacMillan.

There are 33 individual skills (including developing missions and goals, engaging speakers, designing site layout) within 12 major categories in the document, states. Each skill set indicates how many years it takes to master, as well as how often the skill is used.

Event industry professionals and academic advisor’s from across the globe helped compile the Meeting and Business Events Competency Standards.

It was jointly developed with the Canadian Tourism Human Resources Council and funded primarily by the MPI Foundation.