New gadget could revolutionize London taxi business

New ‘kiosks’ are to be set up across London which will make it easier for visitors to the city to book a taxi, reports.

The scheme, set up by Get Taxi, will see stands erected at hotels, airports, train stations, restaurants and business locations across the capital, from which visitors can book a cab. It is operated through a tablet device, upon which visitors can input their intended destination and time in which they need to travel, so a taxi can be dispatched without the need for phone calls.

If the scheme proves to be a success, it could also be rolled out much further, potentially even being included on trains, aeroplanes or buses so that travellers can arrange for a taxi to be waiting for them the moment they alight.

New features could also be on the horizon for the app, which would allow users to input their credit card details if they would like to pay for the journey ahead of time.

Whilst still in its early stages, the new system had a baptism of fire after developers heralded their busiest period yet during the last day or so as Londoners looked for alternatives to the Tube during industrial action.

Commenting on the future of his scheme, Get Taxi founder, Shahar Waiser, told “Our vision is to have Get Taxi kiosks at key locations all around cities, creating virtual taxi ranks, as a reliable, safe and fast alternative to the minicab service.”