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New Heathrow runway plans revealed

Heathrow Airport is considering the possibility of building a third runway on the south-west side of the airport, rather than expanding northwards as was initially planned. reported that Heathrow bosses have ‘torn up the blueprint’, after running into strong opposition from Londoners and environmentalists. The new proposals would see the runway expand towards Stanwell Moor village in Surrey. The original proposal, which was approved by Labour and rejected by the coalition, would have affected the Harmondsworth and Sipson.

According to, the new proposals would see significantly less disruption to neighbourhoods and fewer properties being demolished.

With London continuing to boom, Heathrow is an essential hub to the capital’s corporate venues. Nearly 4 million people travel between Heathrow and JFK in New York each year, making it one of the most important business ports in the world.

However, the airport has been under increasing strain, with the prompting ministers in 2009 to begin seeking a way to expand London’s capacity. While mayor of London, Boris Johnson, has favoured building an entirely new airport, dubbed ‘Boris Island’, the government is pushing ahead with plans to add a third runway at Heathrow.

Daniel Moylan, the mayor’s chief aviation adviser, warned that a third runway at Heathrow would be full to capacity as soon as it opened.