New London airport would benefit economy, architect claims

A senior architect from Foster + Partners believes his company’s plans for a new airport in the Thames estuary would create opportunities for the country’s economy.

According, Huw Thomas said the airport, which already has the backing of London mayor Boris Johnson, would help the capital to maintain its status as a global city among businesses worldwide. 

In a 100-page document released at the end of May, Foster + Partners chairman Norman Foster attempted to address concerns initially raised by the UK airport commission back when the plans were first compiled at the beginning of the year.

One of the issues related to accessibility, but Foster + Partners says the new site would have a short spur connecting it to the soon-to-be-built high-speed rail line, linking it directly to a number of stations in the capital, including St Pancras.

The company has also claimed that the new flight hub could be built for around £15 billion – just £4 billion more than a planned expansion of Heathrow that is also on the cards.

The search for a solution to Heathrow’s congestion problems is ongoing and a number of suggestions have been made.

Earlier this week, reported that plans had been put forward to change the direction in which some planes depart from nearby Stansted. It is hoped this would help clear the skies in certain problem areas.