New rail investment to link South and North

The government has lifted the lid on a £9.4 billion investment into the UK’s rail services in what prime minister David Cameron is calling the ‘biggest modernisation of our railways since the Victorian era’.

Described as the biggest investment in rail infrastructure in the last 150 years, the cash is predicted to deliver capacity for 140,000 extra daily commutes thanks to a ‘spine’ running from North to South.

The spine will allow for more reliable electric trains to cut journey times and boost capacity for passengers and freight, reports.

As a result, those commuting into London for meetings at corporate venues may find it easier to catch a train into the capital, as well as head back to their headquarters with ease. In addition, there will be £322 million of track and capacity upgrades across Manchester and Liverpool.

However, the huge investment is likely to be funded by above-inflation fare rises, already announced in 2010.

Nick Clegg commented on the investment, cited by “This is the biggest expansion in railways in over 150 years, with more than £9 billion of investment across the country.

“The ‘Electric Spine’ will make a significant difference for passengers linking London, the Midlands and Yorkshire in a much more efficient rail line, connecting the South and North more effectively than ever before.”