New trend emerging for 'wedding weekends'

A new article claims that many couples are doing away with the traditional one-day ceremony for their weddings, opting for whole weekends instead.

The post, published on, named the top trends that are emerging in the industry, based on the opinion of a number of wedding experts.

Talking about the ‘never-ending weekend trend’, the article read: “In the year ahead, wedding experts expect couples to expand upon the traditional wedding timeline and encourage their guests to make a weekend of it.

It continued: “More and more newlyweds are adding elements such as after parties, day-after breakfasts and brunches and increasing the size and scale of rehearsal dinners.”

As well as weekend wedding, other up-and-coming trends named include the incorporation of social media, having more informal food, such as a BBQ, instead of sit-down meal and scaling down the number of guests so that the wedding is more intimate.

Meanwhile, another article posted this week on claims there is also a new fad for many couples to get married within 90 days of their engagement.

New York City-based custom wedding planner, Christine Paul, told the site that she thinks the approach is a much more “modern perspective” as most couples don’t want to wait too long to marry these days.