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New trend sees brides having two wedding dresses

One of the latest trends to hit the UK wedding scene is for the bride to have two dresses on her wedding day, an industry source has claimed.

Speaking to the fashion blogger known only as Tabitha on, a bridal shop manager explained that often the same dress will be adapted from the daytime to the nightime. Bride2Be manager Stephanie Hanks revealed that cap sleeves and jewelled belts can help to alter the look significantly.

While a bride might want a lavish dress with a huge train during her wedding ceremony, when it comes to moving around the wedding reception venue it could be easier to have a less restrictive garment.

Tabitha spent a day at Bride2Be despite not being engaged – and remarked: ‘Trying on a wedding dress is a surreal experience and felt really special, even for a non-bride like me. Stephanie was on hand to adjust and position the dress to help me get a feel for it and really helped with all the finishing touches.’

The concept of adapting a wedding dress could prove appealing to brides who often spend thousands of pounds on a garment they only end up wearing once. According to, this issue prompted one bride – Lindsey Radoff – to set up a business helping to turn wedding dresses into other items.

Among the things she has made out of the lavish dresses are throw pillows, baby blankets and cocktail dresses.