New trend: Wedding after parties

There is a growing trend for wedding after parties, according to Brides Magazine, which means booking a late license wedding reception venue and making sure the music keeps on playing.

The growing popularity of after parties is fuelled by the fact that an increasing number of wedding guests are travelling from great distances to attend the wedding, and they want to carry on the wedding fun until the early hours of the morning.

A wedding after party can be a way of spending quality time with your nearest and dearest, especially because busy weddings leave the happy couple feeling like they haven’t spent much time with their closest friends as they’ve been mingling with all the guests.

The after party isn’t meant to be something extra for the couple to stress about planning. In fact, it’s intended to be the very opposite: some relaxing, quality, fun time spent with friends.

However, couples are warned that it’s rarely a good idea to invite guests back to the honeymoon suite for an after party. There’ll be no privacy until everyone clears out, and that might be pretty late considering it’s an after party. Instead, a late closing wedding reception venue would allow people to party away, whilst the couple can sneak off to the honeymoon suite when they’ve out-celebrated themselves.