New type of wedding party celebrates re-marriage

A new type of wedding day party has been highlighted that involves ex-wives having a celebration when their former partner remarries.

The trend was pointed out by columnist Bel Mooney on She described how the day a woman’s ex-husband gets married again is a “very important” moment, since it could define the tone of the next “phase” of their lives.

Ms Mooney gave the example of one lady who had a party with friends and turned the occasion into a “raucously memorable” day – potentially inspiring other divorcées to hire event spaces to celebrate singledom.

She added: “The day my former husband (to whom I was married for 35 years) remarried was perfectly ordinary. I worked at my advice column, which was itself a a good route to reflecting that he and I were actually lucky, compared with many of those who write to me.”

Another unconventional trend is for people to have ‘divorce parties’, when people hold an event to celebrate breaking up with their partner. One celebrity to have a divorce party recently was Josie McFayden from ‘Big Fat Gypsy Wedding’, according to

She wore a mini version of her wedding dress on the night and had a tiered cake made with the bride at the top – but with the groom thrown to the bottom.