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New wedding cake trends explored

Wedding cakes look set to get bigger, taller and more extravagant over the coming years, a number of wedding planners have claimed. gathered together wedding professionals to see just what trends are going to be taking the world of wedding cakes by storm over the coming years.

Among the predictions were a revolution in size, with couples looking to show off the biggest, most imposing creation they can. As such, the days of stopping at three tiers are long over, with some stretching to five and beyond.

Another prediction was that of cakes beginning to match the bride’s dress, reports. As the garment often features heavily in the day’s festivities – being photographed a great deal and eagerly anticipated by many wedding-goers – it makes sense for some to have a cake that matches. Whether this is the colour, shape or design, more brides are now commissioning cakes to go with their dress.

Similarly, the use of sugar flowers looks set to make a comeback, as cakes reflect colour themes of the day itself. Whether it’s the bride’s flowers or the groom’s waistcoat, these sugary bouquets look set to become a very popular option in coming months.

Not all of the forecasts had their roots in tradition, however. Sherry Hostler of The Cake House noted: “Australia and America have quite a blooming cake market and we’re seeing a lot of influence from them.

“They do a lot of balanced cakes that aren’t stacked directly on top of each other. The cake can look slightly topsy turvy as they go up. They look like they’re floating – it’s fantastic!”