New wedding cars are a safer bet than old 'bangers'

An article in The Telegraph has urged engaged couples to hire new cars for their weddings, rather than risk being let down by old ‘bangers’.

Writing in his regular motoring column, Neil Lyndon explains why a reliable, modern car is a much safer bet for transporting newlyweds to their wedding reception venue than an old, “smoke-belching” classic.

Classic cars have traditionally been the vehicles of choice for newly-married couples looking to make their special day even more memorable. However, Lyndon indicates that there is a frequent tendency to confuse classics with ‘old heaps’.

“They [married couples] want a fantasy car, the like of which they’ve never driven in before. Something that will look amazing in photos,” Lyndon writes in reference to the opinions of certain female colleagues.

According to Lyndon, however, the reality of mechanical breakdowns and hours spent trying to start old cars is far-removed from the those idyllic fantasies.

To ensure a stress-free and memorable wedding day, Lyndon states that cars such as the Audi A8, Mercedes S-class or a Jaguar XJ offer the best solution. He argues that with prices of around £500-£600 per day, they also represent better value for money than older cars.

“If I were helping to arrange a wedding for one of my daughters, I would suggest that we rent an excellent brand new car for the day, and ask a good friend to stay sober and do the driving,” he concludes.