New Year's Eve not just for adults, writer claims

New Year’s Eve parties can be tailored to meet the needs of both adults and children, writer Laura Jofre has claimed.

Writing for, she suggested that those throwing parties on December 31st – either in event venues or in their own homes – only need to make a few changes to ensure celebrations are both child and adult-friendly.

“Preparing with some simple crafting and cooking projects can make everyone feel part of the holiday,” Jofre said. For example, keeping the children entertained can be as simple as creating some large poster-boards with the title of ‘What I want to do in 2013’ written on them; before inviting them to write down their ideas. Adults can get involved too, perhaps sharing their dream holiday ideas or talking about the resolutions they’ve made.

Food doesn’t have to be a hassle either, though any boozy deserts should be kept on a separate table or away from the party altogether. Jofre said: “A New Year’s fest should consist of foods [the guests] actually like. You’re not tied to tradition, so focus on old… favourites or on foods that some cultures say bring good luck.”

Karaoke can be another great addition to a family-friendly New Year’s Eve party, the writer concluded. She claimed that whether guests attempt the latest pop songs or take a stab at the classics, no-one is left out; partly due to the hilarity that usually ensures.

Making the effort to host a party that suits all ages will make for some fond memories in the future, Jofre added on, so it’s worth doing.