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NFL considers greater involvement in London

London could soon be the host city of three NFL games every year, reports.

In a bid to make American Football appeal to a much more international audience, the NFL has sought to play some of its regular season matches at destinations around the world. One popular location is London, as the British market is not only lucrative but also one that is expected to adopt the new sport most readily.

It was decided back in 2007 that London would host one game a year, although this has been increased to two for the upcoming season. This may not be all, however, as the NFL has now announced it may go further still and increase the number of games to three a season after it emerged that both existing fixtures had already sold out, claims.

The announcement is not only a boon for sports fans but businesses looking to extend across the Atlantic as well. The games attract representatives from big businesses, who often make the journey to fit in conferences at London’s meeting venues.

In addition to the extra games, NFL chiefs have considered opening a British franchise, which it is said would embed the world’s most lucrative sports league in Britain even more firmly.

This would either involve setting up a team from scratch or relocating an existing one. In the case of the latter, most expect this to be the Jacksonville Jaguars, who have already pledged to play one of its “home” games in London per season for the next four years.