Nick de Bois invites industry participation in parliamentary inquiry

Chairman of the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) Nick de Bois has urged event spaces, event planners and related businesses to submit evidence to use in his group’s inquiry into their industry’s competitiveness.

According to, APPG will asses how well positioned the UK events industry is to duke it out with other countries when it comes to securing deals to stage big exhibitions.

The conservative MP said the aim of the inquiry was not only for the government to suggest ways in which the industry could improve, but for companies to share evidence and work out how they can move forward by themselves. APPG says a wide range of events will be represented and supported through their campaign, from festivals to corporate gatherings.

Talking at International Confex on Wednesday, de Bois said the findings have the potential to “inform and reform” UK events, but stressed this could only be achieved through a strong level of response.

“My concern if we don’t get industry movement on this is it will just sit on the shelf,” he commented.

“It is quite a challenge. It will raise fundamentally important issues. If it does succeed it will be because we have given a voice to the industry.”   

According, all evidence must be submitted by April 19 with a view to publishing the findings in September or October.