Nicole Scherzinger back-tracks on father's engagement gaff

Singer Nicole Scherzinger has publicly denied that she and long-term boyfriend Lewis Hamilton are engaged after her dad let the news slip yesterday.

Taking to her Twitter account, the American X Factor judge promptly wrote: “Lewis and I woke up this morning and read we were engaged! Sorry to disappoint u all but its not true :)”

The correction Scherzinger made came in response to her father’s comments to the Mail On Sunday. Yesterday, dad Alfonso Valiente said: “You know about the proposal? Yes they are engaged.”

He added that his daughter’s Formula One racing boyfriend was “a really nice guy” – despite his misunderstanding of their relationship status.

“My future son-in-law is a really nice guy, really down to earth. My family all like him. The good spirit is there,” he said.

In the short space of time between the gaff, the showbiz media was rife with talk about which wedding reception venue the couple might consider for their ‘marriage’.

According to The Metro, Scherzinger – who has been dating Hamilton for three years – revealed she was pleased the couple had managed to make their transatlantic relationship work.

She recently told chat show host Graham Norton: “Well I’m really proud of us that we have made it to three years. Just last week was our anniversary and that’s not too bad as we live on opposite sides of the universe, so we’ve made it work.

“Right now we are really happy where we are,” she added.