Night-time marriage ban lifted

For 176 years, British people have been unable to get married between the hours of 6:00pm and 8:00am – until now, reports.

Now, however, the Home Office has lifted the ban, allowing couples to get married around the clock.

The law has been overturned after the Home Office asked the public which laws they thought should be reviewed in a cross-government survey called ‘Your Freedom’. This particular law was deemed by many as ‘unnecessary’.

It is hoped that by relaxing the rules, there will be a dramatic reduction in the amount of time it takes to actually get to the altar. Plus the move will open up many more options for those planning their nuptials with regard to location, wedding reception venue and theme – expect an increase in sunrise or sunset ceremonies.  

Contrary to rumour, people won’t be able to marry ‘Vegas-style’ on the spur of the moment as local authorities and churches will need at least 15 days’ notice. 

Pleased about the repeal, Sarah Rapson, Registrar General for England and Wales was cited by as saying: “Marriage and civil partnerships are something very personal to every couple that chooses to undertake them and this change will allow people to make their day unique to them.”

The law that mandated time limits on wedding ceremonies dates back to 1836 and was introduced in an attempt to prevent couples from eloping.